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Red Chilli Powder

9 Review

Red Chilli Powder

9 Review


  • Cultivated at altitudes ranging from 800 to 1500 metres
  • Cultivated under natural conditions in the Nayar river (Narad Ganga) catchment
  • Pungent in flavour and rich in potassium
Weight  250 Gm

Red chillies are widely grown in Uttarakhand under natural conditions between altitudes ranging from 800 m to 1500 m. Chilli powder in this pack is obtained from ripe chillies that are sun dried and hygienically pulverized.

It has been sourced from villages in the Nayar river catchment of Pauri Garhwal district Uttarakhand. Nayar, called Narad Ganga, according to ancient historical Hindu texts, rises in the dense forests and high meadows of Dudhatoli mountain range and rambles through scenic settings, providing clean and mineral rich water to villages situated along its course, imparting unique pungent flavor to our red Chilli.

It has been grown by members of our women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and collected from SHGs by our women’s Cooperatives and subsequently processed and marketed.

Our red chilli powder is pungent and is found to be rich in Potassium.

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Quality product!

HavePure Customer

HavePure Customer

Intense flavour. Kinda unique too

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satisfied with the product


very good flavour!

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