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Garlic Pickle

1 Review

Garlic Pickle

1 Review


  • Made from freshly harvested garlic in Uttarakhand's farms
  • Helpful in treating hypertension, liver disorder, diabetes, bronchitis and respiratory ailments
  • Regular intake is said to be useful in reducing cholesterol levels and triglycerides.
Weight  300 GM

HavePure brings to you, this Pickle made of freshly harvested Garlic. It is prepared using the best quality ingredients. It has a unique taste and has many curative health benefits. Garlic boosts immunity and protects from the common cold. It is helpful in treating hypertension,liver disorder, flatulence, intestinal worms, diabetes, bronchitis and respiratory ailments. Regular intake of Garlic pickle is said to be useful in reducing cholesterol level and triglycerides.

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